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The White Room is a mini contest that is run weekly for players to qualify for the Main Server Contests. Each week the rooms are scored (based on decoration) and then reset for the next weeks White Room contest - Those placing 1st and 2nd each week will be entered into the next Main Server Contest. 3rd place is given a score out of 10 and is entered as a wild-card. If any Main Server Contest contestants advise that they won't be able to compete, then the highest scoring wild cards will be invited into the Main Server Contest.

There are usually 5 weeks between The Main Server Contests - so if you don't make it into the top 2 in the Whiteroom Contest - try again next week!

If you warp to /warp whiterooms you will find the 8 available rooms - in the center area between these rooms you will find some signs that show the closing date of the current Stage and other signs with the current winners (those going to the Main Event) and the current Wild Cards.


Q. How do I enter a White Room Contest?
A. Just put your name on a sign above the door of a vacant room.

Q. Can I enter the Whiteroom Contest again next week?
A. Yes - you can enter each week - unless you placed 1st or 2nd as you would already be entered into the Main Server Contest

Q. If I'm a Wild Card - Can I enter again?
A. Yes - your Wild Card Status will not be affected - but you can try again to get into 1st or 2nd in a Stage.

Q. What can I change in the room?
A. White wool can be replaced or even removed. Black wool must be left untouched.

Q. Can I move the door?
A. No.

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To Qualify for a Server Contest you must First Enter a White Rooms Contest - Select The White Rooms for more Info.
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