Seating - Spelunka
A modern twist to an old favourite, using snow layers at the back and covering with carpet.
(Submitted by EpicPenguin113)

A Spelunka can be used on a Slab Floor - which also allows for a variety of materials and colour to be used...

The perfect rainy day sofa - big, deep, plush; and very inviting after a long day of Spelunking. The perfect companion piece to a large lounge-room or a comfy place to rest in front of a fireplace. Classically refined in style, this simple large armed sofa is classic sophistication for any space. Its extensive choice of materials allows you to customise the look to suit your space and add some pizzaz to your room settings.

Minecraft Couch Concept

The Top Layer can also be removed for a more reserved looking but still inviting couch...

Minecraft Seating Tutorial