Towns can only be started by Master Builders, Artisans, Staff and the new Mason rank.
Builders can build in established towns with the town owners permission.

For your application to be considered you must first make a small detailed model of your town so we can best decide where to place you in the new world.
Once approved retaq or wylee will copy your model and show you the land for your town.

All towns must include a central building.
These can be a: Bank
:Train Station
:Town Hall
or other similar building.

Roads must me no smaller than 5 blocks excluding side walks but side walks must also be added.

All towns must have at least 20 plots and each plot must be no smaller than 15x25 blocks.

Towns must include at least 1 landscaped park but 2 or 3 is better.

We are looking for realistic, well organised towns.

Wylee and retaq will join all towns and give warps once all above points have been met.

Have Fun!